Meeting Renewable Targets and Saving Costs Through Solar Adoption in C&I Segment

Mercom is hosting a C&I Clean Energy Meet in Pune on August 26, 2022

August 25, 2022


Companies in the commercial and Industrial (C&I) segment have significantly turned to renewable energy to meet their energy needs and save money on electricity costs. In many states currently, the cost of solar energy is less than the retail electricity tariffs.

The C&I segment has driven the demand for renewables over the past few quarters, mainly rooftop solar and open access installations, which are the most viable options.

Since rooftop solar is easy to install and does not involve transmission or distribution losses, it has become increasingly popular among C&I consumers. Open access has also been on the rise because of its ability to provide consumers with offsite power from projects within and outside their state.

India installed over 845 MW of rooftop solar capacity in the first half of 2022. About 35% of installations were in the industrial segment, and 39% in the commercial segment.

Mercom is hosting a C&I Clean Energy Meet in Pune on August 26, 2022, bringing together solar sector stakeholders and C&I entities on the same platform to discuss the benefits of renewable energy and practical solutions to help lower power costs.

The Meet will include multiple sessions with industry experts to discuss the benefits, real-world installations, and processes of rooftop solar and open access. Experts will share their views on what consumers should look for while opting for rooftop and open access. They will also shed light on costs, choice of developers, financing options, and return on investment of the projects.

Mercom India recently held the C&I Clean Energy Meet 2022 in Bengaluru. C&I entities who were either looking to expand their existing renewable capacities or add new ones benefitted from the views of experts and the experiences of consumers who had already gone solar.

After an overwhelming response in Bengaluru, Mercom India plans to host more industry-focused C&I events in Chennai, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, and Noida.

Mercom India’s industry events offer deep market insights that help executives make informed, data-driven decisions and help India achieve the goal of installing 300 GW of solar by 2030.