SJVN Green Invites Bids to Acquire Land for 1 GW Solar Projects

The last date for the submission of bids is December 22, 2023


SJVN Green Energy, a subsidiary of SJVN, has invited bids to acquire or lease 4,000 acres of land for 28 years with all statutory clearances, including chain link fencing around the periphery of the land.

The objective is to establish connectivity with the interstate transmission system (ISTS), facilitating the development of solar power projects with a capacity of up to 1 GW in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

The last date for the submission of bids is December 22, 2023. Bids will be opened the same day.

Bidders have to submit ₹5,000 (~$60) as the cost of the bid document.

Bidders must furnish an earnest money deposit as follows:

  • For 1,000 acres – ₹1million (~$12,000)
  • For 2,000 acres – ₹2 million (~$24,001)
  • For 3,000 acres – ₹3 million (~$36,001)
  • For 4,000 acres and above – ₹4 million (~$48,002)

Bidders can propose multiple land parcels. Each connected land parcel should be either 1,000 acres or multiples of 1,000 acres, up to a maximum of 4,000 acres.

Any single connected land parcel below 1,000 acres will not be accepted.

The offered land may also be situated within a solar park, provided it can be transferred to SJVN Green Energy through outright purchase per Solar Park Rules and Regulations.

Bidders must also have an Agreement to Sell or ownership of at least 20% of the land parcel at the time of bid submission, valid for a minimum of three months from the bid submission deadline.

The proximity of the land to the ISTS grid substation is crucial, with the nearest point not exceeding an aerial distance of 15 km. The minimum estimated spare capacity varies based on the land area, ranging from 250 MW for 1,000 acres to 1,000 MW for 4,000 acres.

The land must have a minimum annual global horizontal irradiance of 1,900/kWh/m2, and it should be a single connected patch accessible by a jeepable road.

SJVN Green Energy will retain the right to accept the land parcel as a whole or in parts, with increments of 1,000 acres.

The offered land must not be located within or in proximity to any wildlife-protected area or defense establishment. There should be no government restrictions hindering the establishment of a solar project on the proposed land.

SJVN has also sought bids to purchase or lease 1,000 acres of land in Punjab for 28 years to develop a 200 MW solar project.

Earlier, MNRE had designated SJVN as the implementing agency for floating tenders for renewable energy projects. It will also act as the intermediary procurer of power and work with other agencies to avoid concurrent bids.

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