India’s Anti-Dumping Investigation into Solar Imports from China, Taiwan and Malaysia Underway


The office of the Directorate General of Anti-dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) India, has started the investigation into the anti-dumping petition – filed by the Indian Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA) – against solar imports from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia as first reported by Mercom last week.

The DGAD’s office released a notice stating it has initiated “an anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of Solar Cells whether assembled partially or fully in modules or panels or on glass or some other suitable substrate originating in or exported from China PR, Taiwan and Malaysia.”

Mercom previously reported that “the DGAD’s office informed the Chinese embassy in India of the receipt of anti-dumping petition and the ensuing investigation.”

The ISMA filed a new anti-dumping petition against solar imports from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia with the DGAD, Ministry of Trade and Commerce, requesting levy of interim duty on importers. The DGAD’s office has initiated the investigation in lieu of the petition filed by ISMA.