Solar Exporters Under Deadline to Furnish Details in the Ongoing Solar Anti-dumping Case in India


The office of the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) India as part of the ongoing investigation into the anti-dumping petition against solar imports from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, has asked exporters of cells and modules to India to furnish details of the exports.

The DGAD’s office needs the data to make a fair comparison between normal value and export price.

“Not one of the exporters has submitted the requisite data and later they’ll be coming to ask for extension of submission deadline. This makes the process drag on for days and we want to skip the time lag,” stated an official at DGAD. They need to submit all required data by first week of September, added the official.

The DGAD’s office has also stated that anti-dumping investigations are time bound and no requests for time extension will be granted.