RUMSL Issues Tender for 170 MW Solar Project at Neemuch

The last date for submission is June 07, 2024


Rewa Ultra Mega Solar (RUMSL) has issued a request for proposal (RFP) to develop a 170 MW grid-connected ground-mounted solar photovoltaic project in the Neemuch Solar Park in Madhya Pradesh.

The power generated from the project will be procured by Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company (MPPMCL) and West Central Railway (WCR).

The last date to submit bids is June 07, 2024. Bids will be opened on the same day.

RUMSL / Government of Madhya Pradesh (GoMP) will provide land for the project’s development on the terms and conditions specified in the relevant land use agreement.

RUMSL will separately provide bidders with the land layout within Neemuch Solar Park. It will identify about 341 hectares of land for the project, which will be handed over to the solar project developer.

RUMSL will provide the power evacuation infrastructure (RUMSL Internal Evacuation Infrastructure), comprising one 33/220 kV outdoor sub-station associated with and dedicated to the project, in respect of the project at the Neemuch Solar Park site (Project Substation).

The project substation will also comprise two 110 MVA transformers and five 220 kV bays, including the transformer feeders and nine 33 kV circuit terminals to enable connections to the project, and one single circuit 220 kV transmission line connecting the 220 kV side of the project substation to the bay at the 220/400 kV substation.

As part of its Qualification Proposal, bidders shall furnish an earnest money deposit equal to ₹157.8 million (~$1.89 million).

The selected bidder shall furnish performance securities of ₹2.32 million (~$27,824) per MW within three days of accepting the letter of award.

Bidders must have a minimum net worth of ₹9.28 million (~$111,296) per MW of the quoted capacity.

If the project’s commissioning is delayed for more than six months from the project Schedule Commencement of Supply Date (SCSD), and if 90% of the project’s capacity mentioned in the power purchase agreement has not been commissioned by that date, then the developer will be excluded from participating in any future bids issued by the procurers.

A bidder or any of its associate/affiliates (and in the case of a Consortium, the members and their associate/affiliate) should not have failed to perform any contract exceeding a contract value of ₹3.94 billion (~$47.25 million) or had any contract terminated by any government or government instrumentality for breach by such bidder in the three years immediately preceding the Proposal Due Date.

Earlier this year, RUMSL issued a tender to secure 400 MW and dispatchable grid-connected renewable power.

In 2022, RUMSL floated a tender for Phase II 300 MW, which was won by NTPC, SJVN, and Hinduja.

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