Renewable Energy Installations Reach 57.5 GW in India


Renewable energy installations in India continue to grow, accounting for ~17.5 percent of India’s energy mix as of April 2017. In comparison, renewable energy accounted for 14.15 percent a year ago. The country’s total installed capacity is 329,417 MW with renewables accounting for 57,472 MW, according to the recent data by MNRE.

Hydro power makes up 13.5 percent, with 44,594.42 MW of installed capacity in the country. Nuclear power has a total capacity of 6,780 MW, making up 2.06 percent of installed capacity.

The solar sector is witnessing installation growth at a rapid pace. In the recently conducted Bhadla Solar Park Phase-III auctions, solar became cheaper than thermal power at Rs.2.44 (~$0.037)/kWh. Solar installations totaled 12,504.50 MW making up 3.80 percent of total installed capacity as of April 2017. In comparison, solar accounted for 2.23 percent as of April 2016.

The SECI brought out another 1,000 MW wind tender after the success of its first ever 1,000 MW auction. Wind currently accounts for 32,287.27 MW of installed capacity accounting for 9.80 percent of overall total. The installed capacity of small hydro has increased slightly with 4,384.85 MW.

Coal-based generation capacity in India stands at 59.01 percent of the total installed capacity with 329,416.71 MW as of April 30, 2017, according to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). Total thermal power generation stands at 66.95 percent with a capacity of 220,569.89 MW.