NTPC Tenders Land and EHV Transmission Package for 800 MW Solar Projects

The last date for the submission of bids is January 16, 2023


NTPC Renewable Energy (NTPC REL) has invited bids for land and an extra high voltage (EHV) transmission system package to develop interstate transmission system (ISTS)-connected solar power projects of up to 800 MW capacity in Maharashtra.

The last date for the submission of bids is January 16, 2023. Bids will be opened the same day.

The land-related tasks for the proposed solar power project in Maharashtra’s Solapur region involve securing five acres/MW of leasehold or freehold land. Access roads to the project boundary and potential interconnections between plots must be established independently or with state machinery.

A topography survey is required, including cutting or filling activities to maintain a 10% average slope across the solar project land, preferably in one direction for at least 100 meters. Geotechnical investigations focus on the transmission system for foundation design.

Additionally, fencing with at least two entry/exit gates and security cabins is necessary for the solar project, excluding transmission line-related land.

For the thermal station’s transmission system, the scope of the work includes establishing grid connectivity, designing and constructing the EHV transmission system up to the grid interconnection point, ensuring ‘Right of Way,’ setting up a terminal bay, implementing a telemetry system, supplying necessary spares for the transmission line, and handling operation and maintenance for three years post project commissioning.

NTPC REL plans to fund the specified package through its own resources or borrowings.

Bidders must have experience executing works for grid-connected solar projects/solar parks or wind projects/wind parks with a cumulative capacity of 100 MW or higher.

Among these projects, at least one should have a capacity of 50 MW or more. This experience should include arranging land for the project and obtaining technical feasibility approval for power evacuation through a state transmission utility or ISTS substation.

The average annual turnover for any three out of the preceding five financial years, as of the date of bid opening, should not be less than the specified financial figures mentioned below:

  • For a total quoted capacity between 50 MW and 300 MW, the minimum average annual turnover must be ₹80 million (~$959,595).
  • For capacities exceeding 300 MW, the required average annual turnover is ₹270,000 (~$3,239)/MW of the total quoted capacity.

NTPC REL invited bids for land and an EHV transmission system package for the development of up to 2 GW of ISTS-connected solar power projects in Rajasthan (Tranche-III).

Recently, NTPC invited bids to set up 1,500 MW of ISTS-connected solar power projects across India.

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