North Western Railway Invites Bids for 1,074 kW Rooftop Solar Systems

The last day for the submission of bids is July 22, 2024


The Jodhpur division of North Western Railway has floated a tender for 1,074 kW grid-connected rooftop solar power systems at various service buildings and gates.

The last day for the submission of bids is July 22, 2024.

The scope of the work includes the setup, testing, and activation of on-grid solar power systems in the Jaipur Division. This includes a wall-mounted inverter, SPV array, module mounting structure, power conditioning unit, controls, protections, interconnecting cables, switch gears, and necessary features to support grid power.

The systems will have a power factor greater than 0.95 and operate within a temperature range of -5 to +55 degrees Celsius. They will also include a solar meter and a government-approved net meter.

The project’s estimated cost is ₹44.6 million (~$534,227).

Bidders must pay an earnest money deposit of ₹373,300 (~$4,471).

The work must be completed in six months to complete the project.

Bidder must have a minimum average annual contractual turnover of V/N or V, whichever is less, where V is the advertised value of the tender in crores of rupees and N is the number of years prescribed for the completion of the work for which bids have been invited.

The average annual contractual turnover will be calculated as the average of the “total contractual payments” over the previous three financial years.

Bidders should have completed or substantially completed any of the following within the last seven years, ending on the last day of the month before the one in which the tender is invited:

  • Three similar works, each costing no less than 30% of the advertised value of the tender.
  • Two similar works, each costing no less than 40% of the advertised value of the tender.
  • One similar work costing no less than 60% of the advertised value of the tender.

The similar nature of work here refers to the supply, erection, testing, and commissioning of a solar power project with or without battery backup.

Last December, North Western Railways floated tenders to install 2.8 MW grid-connected rooftop solar projects across the station and non-station buildings.

The Jaipur division also invited bids to implement 1 MW rooftop solar projects on a design, build, finance, operate, and transfer basis.

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