New Method to Boost Signal Amplification in Perovskite Nanosheets

The method helped boost thermal stability of the sheets, commonly used in solar tech

January 15, 2024


Perovskite nanosheets can be a new laser medium, where light amplification can be achieved based on tiny perovskite nanosheets that are synthesized chemically, researchers from the Pusan National University in Korea have found.

Perovskite nanosheets are two-dimensional structures arranged in a sheet-like configuration on the nanoscale, making them a valuable component across various applications such as solar technologies.

While the light amplification in perovskite quantum dots has been reported in previous research, they have failed to provide an adequate quantitative analysis.

In a recent study published in the journal Light: Science and Applications, a team of researchers led by Kwangseuk Kyhm from the Department of Optics & Mechatronics at Pusan National University has found a way to enhance signal amplification in perovskite nanosheets of CsPbBr3 with a unique waveguide pattern.

Researchers found that a “gain coefficient” is necessary to assess the light amplification ability, whereby the essential characteristic of a laser medium is revealed. An efficient laser medium has a large gain, and scientists have been exploring ways to boost this gain.

While studying the excitation and temperature dependence of the gain contour and the patterned waveguide based on polyurethane-acrylate, the team managed to boost the gain and thermal stability of perovskite sheets.

Enhanced amplification and increased efficiencies are expected to help perovskite solar cells compete better with traditional silicon-based solar cells. With the ability to optimize laser operation, the research claims to be an important piece in allowing devices with perovskite applications to operate more reliably.

“So far, perovskite quantum dots have been studied for lasers, but such zero-dimensional structures have fundamental limits. In this regard, our work suggests that the two-dimensional structure of perovskite nanosheets can be an alternative solution,” says Khym.

Several new methods have been devised to increase the efficiency and scalability of perovskite cells. A team at Hong Kong’s City University has developed a method to enhance the thermal robustness of these cells.