MES Invites Bids for Repair and Maintenance of 5 MW Solar Project

The last date for the submission of bids is May 25, 2024


Military Engineer Services (MES) has floated a tender for the repair and maintenance of a 5 MW solar project and its miscellaneous items in Madhya Pradesh.

The last date for the submission of bids is May 25, 2024. Bids will be opened on May 27.

The project’s estimated cost is ₹2.5 million (~$29,953), and the completion period is six months.

Bidders have to submit an earnest money deposit of ₹50,000 (~$599.07)

MES-enlisted contractors in Class ‘E’ and above must upload scanned documents along with their application, including a valid email ID.

The bidding application should be on the firm’s letterhead, and the contractors should upload a demand draft for the tender cost. They should also provide the enlistment letter and its enclosures.

The contractors should also include a copy of the GST registration number obtained from the relevant department. Failure to provide this number will lead to disqualification in the bid evaluation.

Other contractors who are not enlisted should upload scanned documents with the application, including a valid email ID. They should meet MES enlistment criteria for Class ‘E’ and demonstrate satisfactory completion of similar works, annual turnover, solvency, etc.

An affidavit and attested copies of supporting documents are required.

There should be no outstanding recovery in any government department, and not suspended, debarred, or blacklisted from participating in bids or business dealings with government entities.

Before a work order is released, all contractors must provide the provident fund code number to the accepting officer. If the work is not applicable, the contractor can request the accepting officer, whose decision will be final.

For all contractors, subletting the work or assigning it to a third party through a power of attorney holder, except for sons/daughters/spouses of the proprietor/partner/director and the firm’s own employees, director, and project manager, is not allowed.

In June, MES invited bids to develop a 1 MW solar power project at Gorakhpur Air Force Area In Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier, MES invited bids for developing three solar power projects of capacities 1 MW, 200 kW, and 130 kW at Niwaru, Bhakrota, and Jaipur military stations, respectively, under Garrison Engineer (South) Jaipur.

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