Mercom Brings C&I Consumers Together at the Ahmedabad Clean Energy Meet

The event will take place on November 11, 2022


Mercom India’s C&I Clean Energy Meet 2022 series provides a unique platform for the country’s commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers to interact with renewable energy experts and understand the viability of renewable energy sources in their operations.

The latest edition in the series will take place in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on November 11, 2022. Gujarat is one of the most industrialized states and is also at the forefront of the renewable energy transition in India.

The event will bring industry experts from rooftop solar, open access solar, and module manufacturing segments face-to-face with the city’s C&I consumers looking to make the switch to renewables to meet their energy demands.

With global and national corporates increasingly going green in their operations, the C&I segment has been making efforts to meet ESG goals throughout the supply chain.

Going green also helps companies secure favorable terms for funding for renewable projects and their core business requirements.

Mercom’s Clean Energy Meet aims to help C&I consumers understand the transition process, the various options available, and the rate at which they can get a return on investment through energy savings.

The event will have in-depth discussions on: Clean Power Adoption – Options, Technologies, and Maximizing ROI; Clean Energy – Large Power Purchase, Higher Savings; and Innovative Financing Solutions – Ways to Access Cheap Loans.

The industry experts participating in the panel will be – AK Sinha, AGM at SECI; Subrahmanyam K V, Vice President of Business Development at Radiance Renewables; Vinay Pabba, Chief Operating Officer at Vibrant Energy; and Anand Jain, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Aerem.

The Meet will also cover case studies exploring real-life scenarios to demonstrate how the switch to solar has helped companies save costs and generate profits over time.

Through multiple networking sessions, the C&I consumers will also have opportunities to interact with solar industry experts.

Interested entities can register for the event by sending an email to

Mercom’s last C&I Clean Energy Meet in Chennai was a huge success, with participation from companies like Tata Power Solar, Avaada Group, Radiance Renewables, Vibrant Energy, and Sembcorp. The event saw wide participation from various sectors, including manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles.

After Ahmedabad, Mercom will host the next C&I Clean Energy Meet in Noida on December 9.