Maharashtra Transport Corporation Invites Bids for 11 EV Charging Stations

The last date for the submission of bids is October 30, 2023


Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has floated separate tenders for installing 11 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around different bus and railway depots in the state.

The eleven locations and the estimated cost of these projects are as follows:

The last date for the submission of bids is October 30, 2023. Bids will be opened on November 1.

The security deposit is 2% for each of the tenders, broken down as follows:

  • The earnest money deposit converted into a security deposit amounts to 1% of the individual cost of the project.
  • An initial security deposit of another 1% is required to be submitted before the work order is issued.

The validity period for this deposit is 120 days starting from the date of opening.

The specified timeframe is three months beginning from the date of the written work order.

If the bidder’s quoted offer is between 1% and 10% below the estimated cost, they must provide a performance bank guarantee (PBG) equivalent to 1% of the estimated cost.

In case the bidder’s offer is more than 10% but up to 15% below the cost mentioned in the tender, the bidder must submit an additional PBG. This additional security is calculated at a rate of 1% for every percent below the estimated cost. For instance, if the bid is 14% below the cost (14% – 10% = 4%), the additional security required would be 5%.

When the bidder’s offer is more than 15% below the estimated cost in the tender, an additional performance security at 2% for each percent below the cost must be furnished. For example, if the bid is 19% below the cost (19% – 15% = 4%), the additional security needed would be 14% of the estimated cost.

Failure to submit the PBG within eight days from the date of the financial opening will result in the rejection of the tender.

If the lowest bidder fails to submit the PBG within eight days, the L-2 Bidder will be notified in writing. The L-2 bidder will have the opportunity to negotiate, and if they agree to perform the work at a rate lower than the offer of the L-1 bidder, their tender will be accepted.

The bidder should possess a valid certificate as a registered contractor with the Government of Maharashtra (applicable for works with an estimated amount less than ₹15 million (~$180,203)

They should also hold a valid certificate issued by a nationalized/scheduled bank, which should be the latest and no more than one year old and be equivalent to 20% of the estimated cost of the work relevant for unregistered contractors and works with a value of ₹15 million (~$180,203).

Bidders should also have experience executing similar types of work in the last five years, with specific percentages and documentation as required, depending on the estimated amount of the tender.

The contractor is responsible for appointing a certified, full-time agent who possesses the skills to oversee and direct the project, comprehend the specifications, and adhere to the contract terms.

A contractor-provided agent possessing the necessary qualifications and experience will handle the technical aspects of the project. The site engineer can also serve as an agent for the contractor.

In August, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation invited bids to set up 22 public electric vehicle charging stations.

Earlier, Pune Municipal Corporation had invited proposals for the commissioning, operating, and maintaining EV charging stations.

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