Jammu & Kashmir Approves Solar Rooftop Policy to Install 450 MW by 2022


The state cabinet of Jammu & Kashmir has approved the 2016 draft policy for grid-connected rooftop power projects with net-metering.

Under the policy, rooftop solar projects aggregating 450 MW are to be constructed across Jammu & Kashmir by 2022, net-metering systems will be installed across the state to enhance public participation. Consumers are eligible to install solar rooftop systems for self-consumption and can feed excess power into the grid.

The policy will be in force for a 10-year period and will be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Jammu & Kashmir Electricity Regulatory Commission (Grid Interactive Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems based on Net Metering) Regulations, 2015.

With the launch of the rooftop solar program in Jammu & Kashmir, the burden on the power department’s transmission and distribution network will certainly be relieved and consumers using rooftop solar will save on the billed amount, commented the Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JAKEDA) official. This is also a contribution towards environment and attaining renewable purchase obligation targets, added the JAKEDA official.

Image credit: Pixabay


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