CMPDI Issues Tender to Develop 6.25 MW Solar Projects in Jharkhand

The last date for submission of the bids is August 31, 2023


Central Mine Planning & Design Institute (CMPDI), a subsidiary of Coal India, has invited bids for the construction of 6.25 MW of grid-connected solar project along with its operation and maintenance for five years.

The project will be commissioned for Central Coalfields at various locations in Kathara in Bokaro, Jharkhand.

The selected developer will be responsible for designing, erecting, testing, and commissioning a 3 MW solar project at Jarangdih old coal mine overburden (OB) dump site; a 1.5 MW solar project behind the Russian colony site; a 1.25 MW solar project at the old regional store, Jarangdih site; and a 0.5 MW project at CPP (coal preparation plant) colony site in Bokaro.

The last date for submission of the bids is August 31, 2023. Bids will be opened on the next day.

The project’s estimated value is ₹450.87 million (~$5.45 million).

Bidders must submit an earnest money deposit of ₹5 million (~$60,399). The successful bidders must submit a performance security equivalent to 5% of the contract amount, to be submitted within 21 days of receiving the award letter.

The scope of work includes designing, engineering, supplying, constructing, on-site storage, civil works, permits, licenses, and insurance for the project.

The projects must be commissioned within 240 days of receiving the award letter.

The selected bidder must ensure that the solar modules used in the project come with a minimum of 32.5% DC overloading. The bidder must arrange a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system for the project for remote monitoring.

The bidder must use string inverters of suitable capacity for each project.

The selected bidder must construct a control or substation building at each of the four locations with a minimum plinth area as specified in the tender document.

The modules used for the project must be included in the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers issued by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

To be eligible, bidders must have in the last seven years completed three similar works, each costing not less than 20% of the estimated project cost, or two similar works, each costing not less than25% of the estimated project cost, or one similar work costing not less than 40% of the estimated project cost.

The project must have been in operation for at least the last six months before the bid opening date.

The average annual turnover of the bidders during the last three years must be at least 30% of the estimated tendered project cost.

Bidders must submit the certificate of possessing adequate working capital, i.e., at least 20% of the annualized value or estimated value, whichever is less of this project, including access to lines of credit and availability of other financial resources to meet the requirement.

Earlier this month, CMPDI invited bids to implement a grid-connected 8.5 MW solar project for Central Coalfields.

Last month, CMPDI invited bids to install 1.03 MW solar projects for Central Coalfields in Jharkhand.