C&I Customers Moving Toward Solar to Meet their Power Demands

The ‘Mercom India Solar Summit 2022’ will be held in Delhi on July 28-29


The commercial and industrial (C&I) segment encompasses a large variety of customers, solar systems, and project sizes.

In the last few years, the C&I segment has driven the growth of solar in the rooftop and open access installations.

During Q1 2022, 47% of the rooftop installations were in the industrial and 29% in the commercial segment.

Rooftop solar is fast gaining popularity among C&I customers because of its easy availability and the savings on power costs. Open Access is another viable alternative, which is fast gaining momentum among C&I customers.

Mercom is hosting ‘Mercom India Solar Summit 2022,’ an exclusive event on July 28-29 in New Delhi where key stakeholders across the solar sector will participate.

The summit will address critical issues, opportunities, and emerging trends in the industry, including the government’s push for local manufacturing, its aggressive solar installation goal of 280 GW by 2030, supply chains, technology, financing, and other critical issues.

For India to meet its carbon-free and renewable energy adoption goals, businesses must adopt renewable energy quickly. Solar tariffs are cheaper than retail electricity charges in many states. So, what is keeping corporates from adopting renewable energy?

In one of the sessions titled ‘Commercial and Industrial Sector Going Solar – Potential Market, Policies, and Business Models,’ scheduled for July 29, 2022, panelists will discuss the potential markets, policies, and models that can accelerate growth in this highly sought-after market.

The panel will have Anil Bhat, CEO, Distributed Solar, Amplus Solar; Naveen Nagpal, Assistant Vice President-Renewable, BSES Rajdhani Power; Abhinav Singh, Director-Customer Fulfillment, Supply Chain and Global Speciality Fulfillment, Amazon India; Shah Masood Jafar, Regional Head – North, Tata Power; and Manoj Kumar Agrawal, HOD-(Renewables, Corporate Planning & Contracts & IMS), POSOCO. Priya Sanjay, Managing Director, Mercom India, will moderate the session.

Mercom India’s recently held C&I Clean Energy Meet 2022 in Bengaluru brought together solar sector stakeholders and C&I entities on the same platform to discuss the benefits of renewable energy and practical solutions to help lower power costs. Consumers and industry experts discussed how users with substantial power needs could utilize renewable energy for their power needs.

The event will provide important takeaways for installers, developers, utilities, technology providers, policymakers, and key domestic and international stakeholders.

You can register for the event here.