US Agency to Train Renewable Energy Procurers in Eight Indian States

Training will revolve around the life-cycle cost analysis of renewables


The United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) has launched the Interstate Clean Energy Procurement Program (ICEPP) to train public procurers of clean energy on the best value and life-cycle cost analysis of renewables.

The program aims to support the development of clean energy infrastructure across eight Indian states, which include Gujarat, Karnataka, Haryana, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and West Bengal.

USTDA is funding ICEPP through its Global Procurement Initiative (GPI), which helps partner countries acquire high-quality, long-lasting technologies while building smart, sustainable infrastructure with overall savings to their government.

These eight states accommodate a populace of 500 million and have ambitious renewable energy targets.

GPI was launched in 2013 to train public officials in emerging markets on procurement practices and policies. The initiative leverages the expertise of its institutional partners and collaborators, including universities, multilateral development banks, and government entities.

ICEPP will include a 10-session virtual training series to identify solutions to finance and implement clean energy projects in each of the selected states.

USTDA’s Director Enoh T. Ebong said, “USTDA is launching ICEPP because of the priority that India has placed, at both the national and state level, on procuring high-quality clean energy infrastructure. We are enthusiastic about supporting India’s state-level clean energy strategies through the ICEPP. Our goal is the implementation of priority projects that provide reliable electricity, sustainable growth, and economic opportunities.”

In April 2021, India’s Shivman Wind Energy was awarded a grant by USTDA to conduct a feasibility study to develop a 300 MW renewable power facility in Gujarat. The grant provided the company with wind and solar resource assessments and conceptual designs for energy storage to make the facility a reliable source of clean energy.

In 2018, USTDA issued a grant to the IL&FS Energy Development Company (IEDCL) to develop a 41 MW hybrid wind, solar, and energy storage power project in Andhra Pradesh.