Top Five States for Utility-Scale Solar Installations in 2022 [Infographics]

The country has 52.71 GW of large-scale solar capacity installed


The utility-scale solar installations in India stood at 52.71 GW, according to Mercom India Research’s latest available data at the end of the January-September period (9M).

The full-year number for 2022 will be released in February.

Here is a look at the top five states for utility-scale solar installations:

Rajasthan was the top state for utility-scale solar projects, with a cumulative installed capacity of ~15 GW to date, representing about 29% of the country’s solar power capacity. Rajasthan is the first state in India to surpass 10 GW of cumulative large-scale solar installations.


Karnataka came in second for large-scale solar projects, with a total installed capacity of ~8.3 GW. This amounts to 16% of the country’s total capacity. Karnataka specified its renewable purchase obligation (RPO) target for the financial year (FY) 2023 to 2030, mandating 11.50% of solar power purchases for all the distribution licensees, including deemed licensees for FY23.


With a cumulative installed utility-scale solar project capacity of 5.2~ GW, Gujarat came in at the third spot, making up over 10% of the country’s total capacityGujarat issued its RPO targets for FY23, which mandate a 17% renewable energy mix in the total consumption, including 8% of solar energy purchase.


Tamil Nadu is the fourth state, with an aggregate installed utility-scale solar capacity of 4.7~ GW, accounting for 9% of the country’s total installations. As the state is yet to specify its RPO FY23 onwards, the previous RPO of 21%, including mandatory solar power purchase of 10.5%, will be applicable for the period FY23 to FY27.


Andhra Pradesh stood fifth for utility-scale solar projects, with a total installed capacity of ~4.4 GW, amounting to 8% of the country’s total capacity. The state announced the RPO targets until FY27. The RPO targets are 18% for FY23 and 19%, 20%, 22%, and 24% for each successive year.


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