Tender Issued for Five 10 MW/40MWh Battery Energy Storage Projects in Uttar Pradesh

The last day to submit the bids is December 24, 2022


Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL) has issued Requests for Selection (RfS) to set up five standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) of 10 MW/40 MWh each in Uttar Pradesh.

The projects will be set up in Dasna, Hasayan, Jalesar, Boner, and Vrindavan. The projects will be set up under build, own, operate, and transfer mode for 12 years. The work must be completed within 18 months of signing the Battery Energy Storage Purchase Agreement (BESPA).

The last day to submit the bids is December 24, 2022. The bids will be opened on December 27.

The cost of the bidding documents is ₹25,000 (~$303), and the document processing fee is ₹100,000 (~$1,214). Interested bidders must submit an earnest money deposit of ₹740,000 (~$8,989)/MW of quoted capacity. Successful bidders must furnish a Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) of ₹1.11 million (~$13,465)/MW/Project before signing the BESPA.

Before commissioning the project’s first part capacity, the developer must furnish a security deposit of ₹500,000 (~$6,065)/MWh to UPPCL.

Bidders must have a net worth of ₹11.6 million (~$140,722)/MW of quoted capacity. The minimum annual turnover of the bidders must be ₹2.9 million (~$35,180)/MW of quoted capacity. Internal resource generation capability, in the form of Profit Before Depreciation Interest and Taxes (PBDIT), must be ₹580,000 (~$7,036)/MW of quoted capacity. Bidders must furnish an in-principle sanction letter from the banks of the bidder, committing a line of credit for a minimum amount of ₹725,000(~$8,795)/ MW of quoted capacity.

The projects will be located in the vicinity of the available 132/33 kV substation of the intra-state network. Land identification and allocation will be under the scope of the transmission licensee owning the identified substation. The land will be provided on a lease or right-to-use basis to the developer. The BESS may be charged by any energy source, including conventional energy sources.

In case of delay in commissioning, the total PBG amount for the project will be encashed on a per-day basis and proportionate to the balance capacity not commissioned.

In September, The Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission approved the request by the UPPCL to issue a tender to install BESS projects with a capacity of 10 MW/40 MWh each in the state.

Recently, the Ministry of Power issued the Renewable Purchase Obligation trajectory until the financial year 2029-2030. The notification for the first time included energy storage obligation to be met by all state DISCOMs.

In March 2022, the Ministry issued guidelines to procure and utilize BESS as part of the generation, transmission, and distribution assets, along with ancillary services.