TEDA Invites Expression of Interest to Develop 500 MW Solar Park in Tamil Nadu


The Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) has invited expression of interest to develop a 500 MW solar park. Indian as well as international developers can participate. The last date of submission of expression of interest is May 5, 2017. The TEDA has asked the bidders to deposit Rs.25 million (~$381,647) as bank guarantee along with submission of expression of interest.

The TEDA has also regulated that the Solar Park will be set up on a contiguous piece of land measuring not less than 1,000 Hectares in any part of Tamil Nadu having solar irradiance ranging from 5 to 6 kWh/m2/day throughout the year.

Initially, the capacity had been tendered in 2014. There were bottlenecks of high tariff, transmission issues in the state due to which the plan had to be put on hold, once the expression of interests are received, the actual tendering will be done within a month, stated a TEDA official. The state is also lagging in renewable purchase obligation (RPO) compliance and this park will lead to the state’s RPO compliance added the TEDA official.