Tata Power to Deploy EV Chargers at MG Motor Dealership Outlets

Currently, MG Motor has ten charging stations spread across its dealerships in five cities


Tata Power has joined hands with MG Motor to deploy 50 kW DC superfast electric vehicle (EV) chargers at select MG Motor dealership outlets.

The agreement is expected to help MG Motor, as the company is focusing on key target cities as part of their future expansion plan for electric vehicles. The 50 kW DC superfast chargers will be accessible to all EV owners whose vehicles are compatible with the CCS/CHAdeMO charging standards. The agreement will also explore the possibility of second life management of EV batteries.

Speaking on this latest development, Praveer Sinha, CEO & MD, Tata Power Company Limited, said in a press statement, “We are delighted to associate with MG Motor as an end-to-end EV charging partner as also working on the second life of battery usage in future. As India’s leading integrated player in the EV charging space, we aim to provide the customers with a seamless charging experience. We are confident that this partnership will further boost our country’s ability to adopt the range of EVs that MG Motor has to offer.”

According to the statement, the company currently has ten superfast 50 kW supercharging stations spread across MG’s dealerships in five cities. These cities are Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, and the company is eyeing to expand its base in other cities as well.

Tata Power, on the other hand, has an established EV charging ecosystem with more than 180 charging points in 19 different cities with the ‘EZ Charge’ brand to facilitate an easy and smoother customer experience.

As of now, Tata Power says it has nearly 2.6 GW of renewable energy assets in solar and wind accounting for 30% of the company’s portfolio of 12.7 GW. The company is looking at new opportunities in EV charging and storage, distributed generation and rooftops, microgrids, home automation, and smart meters.

Recently, Tata Power announced its plans to expand its EV charging network in the country to over 700 by the end of the financial year 2021.

Earlier, Jaguar land Rover had entered into a partnership with Tata Power, to provide end-to-end EV charging solutions. Tata Power will provide charging solutions to Jaguar Land Rover in India, spread across its retail network of 27 outlets in 24 cities and at customer’s’ residence and office. Tata Power will provide a range of AC and DC chargers, which will range from 7 kW to 50 kW capacity.

Besides this, Tata Power and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) also signed a memorandum of understanding for setting up commercial-scale charging stations for electric vehicles at the HPCL retail outlets and other locations across India.