Steel Ministry Invites Proposals to Set Up Green Hydrogen Pilot Projects

The ministry was allocated ₹4.55 billion under the National Green Hydrogen Mission


The Ministry of Steel, under the recently approved National Green Hydrogen Mission, has invited research and development (R&D) proposals to establish pilot projects focused on the production and utilization of green hydrogen within the iron and steel industry.

The ministry has earmarked a budget of ₹4.55 billion (~$55 million) specifically for the steel sector. These funds can be utilized for research, development, and demonstration activities and for setting up pilot projects for hydrogen production and utilization in the iron and steel-making processes.

The application of hydrogen in oxygen-rich induction (ORI) and blast furnace processes presents significant technical and economic challenges. However, these challenges also create opportunities for innovation and advancement within the industry.

The government aims to address these challenges by supporting projects that focus on the utilization of hydrogen in various processes, such as hydrogen-based ORI, redesigning electric arc furnaces (EAFs) to incorporate hydrogen-based ORI and hot metal transfer, adapting existing ORI plants for partial or full replacement of existing energy sources with hydrogen, and modifying designs, technologies, and machinery for hydrogen utilization in blast furnaces.

The proposals should cover a range of critical aspects related to the integration of hydrogen in iron and steel-making processes. The following areas should be considered:

  • Simulation models on the use of hydrogen in iron production
  • Designing, spacing, detailing, testing, and validation of the design of machinery for new plants or for modifying and retrofitting existing designs for ORI, EAF, or components thereof
  • Hydrogen logistics in the steel-making environment for hazard mitigation
  • Pilot plans for the above

Interested parties can submit proposals to the Ministry of Steel before the formal process of floating a mechanism is initiated.

The proposals should include a detailed project description, including its objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and timelines.

An indicative budget for financial support required should be provided to access funding under the Green Hydrogen Mission.

Under the Green Hydrogen Mission, the focus of the steel sector until 2047 will be on green hydrogen and carbon capture. As part of the initiative, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has made the steel sector a stakeholder in the mission.