Spain Installs 2.6 GW of Rooftop Solar Capacity in 2022

The country's total installed rooftop solar capacity stood at 5.2 GW in 2022


Over 2,649 MW of rooftop solar capacity was installed in Spain in 2022, according to the annual report published by the Spain’s Association of Renewable Energy Companies – APPA Renovables.

The report analyzed data from over 1,000 homes and industries to observe the generation, costs, and savings associated with different solar projects.

Residential installations accounted for 39% (1,024 MW), and industrial projects for 61% (1,625 MW). Since 2018, Spain’s annual installed rooftop solar capacity has grown at an average rate of over 90% yearly.

Spain’s total installed rooftop solar capacity stood at 5,211 MW as of the end of 2022.

Over 298,000 homes and 54,000 company installations in Spain generated the equivalent of 1.8% of the national electricity demand from their rooftops.

“We were living through an unprecedented energy revolution. That 2,649 MW of clean and distributed generation had been installed was good. Still, the important thing was the more than 217,000 new homes that had become, in 2022, apostles of a new way of generating and consuming energy,” said Jon Macías, President of APPA Autoconsumo.

In Spain, operational rooftop solar installations generated 4,564 GWh of energy, including instantaneously self-consumed and surpluses used by the electricity system. This figure was significant, as it accounted for 1.8% of the national electricity demand in 2022 and was expected to increase significantly in the coming years.


Based on the analyzed data, the total investment in rooftop solar in Spain during 2022 amounted to €3.06 billion (~$3.27 billion). Out of this total investment, €1,707 million (~$1,823 million) corresponded to the investment made by individuals in residential facilities, while €1,358 million (~$1450 million) corresponded to investment in industrial facilities.

The typical residential rooftop installation had a capacity of 4.6 kW and had not included storage. On average, the investment for each residential installation was €7,855 (~$8,390).

On the other hand, the average power capacity for industrial facilities was 70 kW and an average investment of €58,807 (~$62,815) per installation.


The average savings were €338 (~$361)/kW for residential installations and around €280 (~$299)/kW for industrial facilities in 2022. The difference in savings is due to varying electricity prices for each type of consumer.

For a 4.6 kW residential rooftop installation, the annual savings in 2022 amounted to €1,553 (~$1,658). This means that in just over five years, the savings in the electricity bill would equal the average investment of €7,855 (~$8,390).


Spain’s total rooftop solar generation capacity was 5,631 GWh, of which only 4,564 GWh were used, representing 81% of the total electricity generated in 2022.

This implies that 1,067 GWh of renewable energy, equivalent to 19% of national rooftop generation, was wasted due to difficulties discharging it into the grid, especially in non-residential areas.

This is a matter of concern since the energy loss, equivalent to 0.4% of the electricity demand in 2022, came when the electricity market price was at its highest at €167.53 (~$179)/MWh.

Considering the electricity market prices and solar generation’s pointing coefficient, it is estimated that in 2022, the electricity system wasted renewable energy worth €160 million (~$171 million) due to the inability to evacuate the energy into the networks.

CO2 Offset

The renewable power generated by rooftop solar installations resulted in the avoidance of 0.93 million tons of CO2 equivalent. The historical data shows that 2.23 million tons of CO2 have been avoided.

Last October, The Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge awarded 146 MW of biomass and 31 MW of distributed solar projects in the third auction under the Renewable Energy Economic Regime.

In 2021, Spain auctioned 866 MW of solar projects out of the total tendered capacity of 3,123 MW. Wind projects accounted for a significant chunk of the awarded capacity. Repsol Renovables quoted the lowest bid of €0.028 (~$0.03)/kWh for an onshore wind capacity of 49 MW.