Solar and Wind Generators to Pay Deviation Charges for Under Production in Andhra Pradesh

August 23, 2017


To facilitate large-scale grid integration of solar and wind power while maintaining grid stability, the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) has released new regulations for forecasting, scheduling, and deviation settlement of solar and wind generation with immediate effect.

All grid-connected wind and solar projects fall under the purview of this regulation, including those projects connected through pooling stations and supplying power to DISCOMs (distribution companies), projects supplying power to third parties through open access or for captive consumption through open access, and projects selling power within or outside of Andhra Pradesh.

The APERC in the report said, “The forecasting, scheduling, and deviation settlement as per the new regulation will commence from January 1, 2018, while the levy and collection of deviation charges will commence from July 1, 2018.”

Deviation charges within the state –

If a solar or wind power generator deviates from the schedule, then the generator will be required to pay the deviation charges to the state pool account in the case of under injection of power. In the case of an over injection of power, deviation charges will be paid from the state pool account to the solar or wind generator.

Deviation charges outside the state –

Wind and solar generators will be required to provide power purchase agreement (PPA) rates to the state load dispatch center (SLDC) to prepare their deviation charge accounts.