Solar Generation in Q4 2020 9% Higher from Previous Quarter, Up 26% Annually

Generation during Q4 was also up 23% compared to the same period in 2019


In Q4 2020, the country generated about 14.2 billion units (BU) of solar power compared to 12.9 BU in the previous quarter. The data showed that solar generation was returning to pre-COVID levels.

Solar power generation in Q4 2020 was also over 21% higher compared to the same quarter last year. In Q4 2020, the country generated about 14.2 BU of solar power compared to Q4 2019’s 11.7 BU. In calendar year (CY) 2020, India generated about 58.2 BU of power compared to 46.3 BU a year before, a 26% increase.

The rise in annual and year-on-year generation in 2020 was due to new solar capacity additions during the year. According to data released by the CEA earlier, India added about 5.1 GW of renewable energy (including large hydro projects) capacity in 2020.  Solar power accounted for about 3.2 GW of the additions, with 1.73 GW capacity added in the first nine months of 2020, according to Mercom India Research’s Q3 2020 India Solar Market Update.

Mercom reported that in Q3 2020, India generated nearly 13 BU of electricity from solar, a 17% decline from the previous quarter, which saw 15.7 BU of power generated, according to the CEA’s data. However, generation was up 22% from the same period last year.

In Q4 2019, solar power generation rose 12% quarter-over-quarter to 11.8 BU from 10.5 BU in Q3 2019. The economic downturn and curtailment due to low power demand during the year adversely impacted solar installations and solar power generation.

Note: Numbers have been updated to reflect actual figures instead of estimates