SNS Corporation, Strolar, and ISHKON – Leading Solar Mounting Suppliers in 2021

The top five companies accounted for 63% of the market demand


In the calendar year (CY) 2021, SNS Corporation, Strolar, and ISHKON Industries were the top three module mounting structure suppliers in the Indian solar market. Arctech and Voltas rounded off the top five, according to Mercom’s recently released report India Solar Market Leaderboard 2022.

The report provides insights into the industry leaders’ market shares and gives a detailed breakdown of the top performers and their growth profiles.

Together, these five companies accounted for 63% of the market demand, while the top 10 suppliers commanded nearly 77% of the market share.

Module mounting structures are an integral part of any solar power project. A good mounting structure is of utmost importance for any ground-mounted or rooftop solar project. They sustain the weight of the modules and withstand temperature variations and high wind speeds.

Leading Solar Module Mounting Structure Suppliers in India in CY 2021

The report noted that seven new companies entered the top ten list in CY 2021.

The demand-supply gap and the increasing prices of raw materials like steel and aluminum were the main factors that impacted India’s solar mounting structure market in 2021.

Earlier, Mercom had written about the plight of manufacturers of mounting structures for solar modules.

Despite several challenges, 2021 proved to be a good one for the solar sector, breaching the 10 GW mark for the first time. Module mounting structure suppliers can expect a better year in  2022.

Last September, the Directorate General of Trade Remedies recommended anti-dumping duty on certain flat-rolled aluminum products imported from China to offset the injury caused due to dumping in the Indian market. Flat-rolled aluminum is used in manufacturing solar module mounting structures used in ground-mounted and rooftop solar projects. The investigation was conducted for April 1, 2019, to March 31, 2020.