SJVN Green Energy Invites Bids to Source Land for 200 MW Solar Projects in Assam

The last date for the submission of bids is May 10, 2024


SJVN Green Energy (SGEL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SJVN, has invited bids for the outright purchase or lease of up to 800 acres of land for 28 years with all statutory clearances to set up solar power projects of 200 MW capacity in Assam.

The last date for the submission of bids is May 10, 2024. Bids will be opened on the same day.

Bidders have to pay ₹5,000 (~$59.86) + 18% GST as cost of the tender document.

Bidders have to furnish an earnest money deposit of ₹2 million (~$23,946) for 200 acres, ₹4 million (~$47,892) for 400 acres, ₹6 million (~$71,839) for 600 acres, and ₹8 million (~$95,786) for 800 acres.

They can propose multiple land parcels, totaling a maximum of 1,200 acres, with each connected parcel being either 200 acres or multiples thereof, up to 800 acres.

Parcels smaller than 200 acres will not be accepted. If a parcel offered by the bidder exceeds 200 acres but is not in multiples of 200 acres, the area will be rounded up to the nearest multiple of 200 acres, and the price bid will be adjusted accordingly.

If any part of a single connected parcel, totaling 400 acres or more in multiples of 200 acres, is deemed unsuitable at any evaluation stage, the entire parcel will be rejected.

Proposals for land parcels that combine outright purchase and lease will be rejected.

The offered land can also be located within a solar park, provided it can be transferred to SGEL for outright purchase following solar park rules and regulations.

The aerial distance between the nearest point of the land parcel and the proposed state transmission utility (STU) substation must not exceed 15 km for parcels of 200 acres (50 MW) and 20 km for parcels of 400 acres or more.

The estimated spare capacity available at the proposed STU substation must meet the following minimum requirements: 50 MW for parcels of 200 acres, 100 MW for parcels of 400 acres, 150 MW for parcels of 600 acres, and 200 MW for parcels of 800 acres.

The land must have a minimum annual global horizontal irradiance of 1550 kWh/m².

It should be a single connected patch and accessible via a jeepable road.

The offered land must not be subject to government restrictions for solar power development, such as being located in wildlife-protected areas, near defense establishments, national parks, areas designated for protecting the Great Indian Bustard, or any other state-specific protected areas.

Recently, SGEL signed a joint venture and shareholders agreement with Assam Power Distribution Company to execute renewable energy projects/parks.

In January 2024, SJVN announced that it had secured a ₹100 billion (~$1.2 billion) construction financing facility to fund its renewable energy projects.

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