Share of Solar Rises to 7 percent of India’s Total Installed Power Capacity

Renewables comprise ~21 percent of India’s total installed capacity


Renewable energy capacity additions continue to increase in India, and accounted for 20.93 percent of India’s capacity mix at the end of June 2018.

This marks a 0.61 percent increase in installed capacity of renewables when compared to March 31, 2018, when renewables accounted for 20.32 percent of India’s capacity mix.

According to Mercom’s India Solar Project Tracker, “In the period of April to June 2018, Indian solar installations totaled ~1.4 GW (preliminary numbers). Cumulative solar installations at the end of June 2018 reached 24.4 GW, representing a 7.03 percent of the total power capacity in India.”

Share of Solar Rises to 7 percent of India’s Total Installed Power Capacity

At the end of June 2018, the country’s total installed power generation capacity was 347,617 MW with renewables accounting for 72,741 MW, making up 20.93 percent. This was a 2.9 percent increase from June end 2017, which had cumulative renewable energy installations of 59,811 MW, representing 18 percent India’s total installed capacity

The share of solar capacity grew from 4.41 percent as of June 2017 to 7.03 percent as of June 2018.

Wind currently accounts for over 34 GW of total installed capacity and 9.87 percent of India’s overall power generation. Though wind installations have been declining, there is still a very healthy project development pipeline. The slowdown can be blamed on the transition from a feed-in-tariff system to reverse auctions.

To date, there are close to 7 GW of wind projects that have been successfully auctioned. However, based on recent developments, future wind installations may see a slow down as tenders have been negatively affected due to the shortage of transmission infrastructure.

Hydro power comprised approximately 13.06 percent of India’s 2018 totaled installed renewable capacity with over 45 GW added. In June 2017, hydro made up 13.45 percent of total installed capacity. Though capacity installed has increased, hydro’s percentage share has declined as installation rate of solar and other renewables has increased.

The cumulative installed capacity of small hydro increased moderately to near 4.5 GW of total installed capacity. The percentage share of small hydro in the energy mix has declined slightly to 1.29 percent in June 2018, from 1.32 percent in June 2017.

Nuclear power has a total capacity of 6,780 MW and makes up 1.95 percent of total capacity. There was no change in the capacity installed, but as capacity from other sources is increases, it has led to a decrease in percentage share of nuclear power. In June 2017, Nuclear power accounted for a 2.04 percent share of the total installed capacity.

Despite the increase in renewable capacity addition, coal-fired capacity still dominates and accounts for 56.66 percent of India’s total installed power capacity. In June 2017, coal accounted for 58.64 percent of total installed power capacity, a 2 percent decline YoY in percentage share.

Installation trends clearly indicate India’s gradual transition to renewable energy, even as coal remains the major source of the country’s power production.

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