SECI Invites Bids for Supply of 900 MW of Solar Modules

The last date for the submission of bids is March 12, 2024


The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has invited bids for the manufacturing, testing, packing, forwarding, supply, and transportation of 900 MW solar modules made with domestically-manufactured solar cells.

The last date for the submission of bids is March 12, 2024. Bids will be opened on the same day.

The total capacity is divided into nine packages of 100 MW. Bidders can choose from various configurations, each linked to a specific capacity ranging from 100 MW to 900 MW.

The packages, along with their respective capacity and earnest money deposit (EMD), are as follows:

  • Package 1: Quoted for Capacity of 100 MW, EMD ₹25 million (~$301,580.5)
  • Package 2: Quoted for Capacity of 200 MW, EMD ₹50 million (~$603,161)
  • Package 3: Quoted for Capacity of 300 MW, EMD ₹75 million (~$904,714.5)
  • Package 4: Quoted for Capacity of 400 MW, EMD ₹100 million (~$1.2 million)
  • Package 5: Quoted for Equivalent Capacity 500 MW, EMD ₹125 million (~$1.5 million)
  • Package 6: Quoted for Equivalent Capacity 600 MW, EMD ₹150 million (~$1.8 million)
  • Package 7: Quoted for Equivalent Capacity 700 MWp, EMD ₹175 million (~$2.1 million)
  • Package 8: Quoted for Equivalent Capacity 800 MW, EMD ₹200 million (~$2.4 million)
  • Package 9: Quoted for Equivalent Capacity 900 MW, EMD ₹225 million (~$2.7 million)

Successful bidders have to submit 5% of the total project/order cost for a total period of 27 months as contract performance security.

The proposed total capacity of 900 MW may be awarded to one or more bidders through single or multiple packages. The owner retains the right to adjust the quoted module capacity by ± 10% when placing the order, maintaining the same price, terms, and conditions of the contract.

SECI may issue a repeat order for an additional quantity not exceeding 100% of the originally awarded module package capacity.

This repeat order will be governed by the same price, terms, and conditions as the original contract, with a corresponding extension in the delivery period.

The arrangement for supplying the additional quantity on a repeat order basis, up to 100%, will be determined through mutual agreement. Any such repeated order will be awarded within a maximum period of six months from the original awarded capacity.

The bidder is required to provide only a single category of module technology: crystalline technology, maintaining consistent dimensions.

The project site for the module delivery is nationwide, though specific details will be provided during dispatch. Staggered deliveries of modules, including mandatory spares, are required within a nine-month window.

The tender mandates the use of domestically manufactured solar photovoltaic cells and modules that meet the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) specifications.

Both solar cells and modules must be made in India and sourced from the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers issued by the MNRE. For crystalline silicon technology, all manufacturing steps and quality controls, from wafers to final module assembly, must be conducted at the works of manufacturers in India.

Earlier in January, SECI invited bids to set up 1,500 MW inter-state transmission system-connected solar power projects in India under Tranche XIV.

Recently, SECI, on behalf of the National Institute of Wind Energy, invited bids for the allocation of sea-bed lease rights for 4 GW offshore wind power projects on a build-own-operate basis.