SECI Invites EoI to Purchase Power for Blending with Renewable Sources

Seeks generators involved in hydro, pumped storage, gas, battery storage, and thermal stations


The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has invited an expression of interest (EoI) from power generators involved in hydro, pumped storage, gas, battery storage, and thermal generating stations to supply power to SECI, which it would then blend with different renewable sources.

The aim is to meet the challenges posed by the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, which need to be supplemented with other conventional sources of power. The deadline for the submission of the EoI is January 31, 2019.

The main objectives of this blending process are as follows:

  • To provide real-time clock (RTC) supply to consumers to meet their base-load and enhance the renewable penetration at DISCOMs.
  • To cater to the requirements of consumers by providing them round the clock power by blending power from renewable sources with power from other sources like hydro, gas, pumped storage, and thermal sources, among others.
  • The C&I consumers who have captive projects can meet their renewable purchase obligations (RPO) through the purchase of renewable energy through long or medium-term open access.

The inputs received from this EoI will be used by SECI to prepare the tender to procure power from other generators to balance the renewable power purchased by it and to supply firm power to its customers.

As per the EoI document, SECI may sign the PPA with other power generators, which may be valid for 1-25 years as per the consumer requirements, especially for those blocks during the day when the renewable energy falls short to meet the round-the-clock firm power requirements.

Existing renewable power will be made available by SECI, and the prospective power developers will be selected through the open tender.

SECI will decide the rates through an open tender, and the renewable capacity for blending will be made available in 18-20 months.

Recently, SECI announced two tenders for 1,200 MW of solar and 1,200 MW of wind-solar hybrid projects connected to the interstate transmission system (ISTS). The plans under both the tenders will be developed on a build-own-operate basis.

Earlier this year, SECI had issued a tender to procure 400 MW (2×200 MW) of renewable energy on round the clock basis. Under this tender, solar, wind, and hybrid projects could be developed. Moreover, the renewable power installations could be further augmented with necessary energy storage systems as per the developer’s requirements to meet the criteria of supply of power during the peak hours.