Residential Rooftop Solar in Delhi to Cost Consumers Only ₹32,400 for a 1 kW System

Krypton Solar was the lowest bidder for CAPEX model F, and Amplus KN was for CAPEX model B

June 2, 2020


The Indraprastha Power Generation Company (IPGCL) has revealed the lowest (L1) bidders and the quoted project costs for residential rooftop solar systems under the capital expenditure (CAPEX) model of B and F.

The bids were in response to the tender that was floated in February 2020 for the empanelment of firms for the supply, installation, and commissioning of residential rooftop solar systems in the national capital region.

These grid-connected residential rooftop solar systems will range between 1 kW-10 kW and 10 kW-500 kW.  The contract will be valid for five years under the CAPEX model. Out of the 30 MW capacity, 12 MW of projects will be developed under the CAPEX model, 12 MW will be developed under the RESCO model. Besides this, 6 MW has been kept as an open category.

For CAPEX model-F, Krypton Solar emerged as the L1 bidder with the project cost of ₹32,400 (~$433)/kW. Under this category, the bid will include project cost for the system and also additional elevated structure cost. The structure cost for additional height per meter is mentioned separately as  ₹/kW/per meter.

For the CAPEX model-B, Amplus KN One Power Pvt Ltd emerged as the L1 bidder with the project cost of ₹37,000 (~$494)/kW.

All the qualified bidders other than L1 falling under the bracket of (L1+25% of or (L1+30% of L1, if empaneled agencies are less than five), will have to give their consent to match the L1 bid within three working days.

IPGCL_Bid Results for Empanelment For 30 MW of Residential Rooftop Solar Systems

The final result of the financial bids for CAPEX B was announced on May 20, 2020. Similarly, the announcement for the financial bids for CAPEX F was made on May 29, 2020.

As per the RfS clause, the L1 bidder will be offered the maximum bid capacity of that category (1kW to 10 kW and above 500 kW) for Delhi’s three distributions companies under CAPEX-B and F models.

In May 2020, IPGCL had announced the L1 bidder for CAPEX model of Part A and E. For the CAPEX model Part A, Amplus KN One Power Private Limited emerged as the L1 bidder with the quoted project cost of ₹37,000 (~$492.3)/kW. For the CAPEX model Part E as well, Amplus KN One Power Private Limited was declared as the L1 bidder with a quoted project cost of ₹39,200 (~$521.6)/kW. In April, IPGCL had announced the L1 bidder for the CAPEX model of Part C and Part D.  For part C; Synergy Wave System LLP had emerged as the L1 bidder with the quoted project cost of ₹37,790 (~$502.9)/kW. For CAPEX Part D, Synergy Wave Systems LLP was declared as the L1 bidder with the project cost of ₹33,931 (~$451.5)/kW.

In March, Punjab announced subsidies for grid-connected rooftop solar systems ranging between 1 and 10 kW in the residential sector, which brought prices down to as low as ₹22,200 (~$299.5)/kW, including subsidies.

System integrators in Punjab complained that even the discovered rate of ₹37,000 (~$499)/kW was too low. This rate was realized during bidding for another rooftop solar project issued by the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) in the state.

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