Rajasthan to Not Accept New Applications for Registration of Wind Projects under REC

The state will allow setting up of wind projects which had already been approved before March 31, 2016

September 4, 2019


The Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation (RREC) has issued a draft version of its policy on wind and wind-solar hybrid projects. The policy aims to establish Rajasthan as a leader for wind energy, including the wind-solar hybrid in a phased manner.

Key policy highlights –

Rajasthan aims to deploy 2,000 MW of wind power capacity to fulfill Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) of state distribution companies. The policy aims to promote wind power projects with storage systems, repowering of wind power projects, strengthening of transmission and distribution network for renewable energy, wind resource assessment program, and manufacturing industries of wind energy equipment.

According to the policy, Rajasthan will allow setting up of wind power projects that have been approved before March 31, 2016 by the state-level empowered committee under Wind Policy 2012 for the sale of power to DISCOMs of Rajasthan at the weighted average tariff determined through competitive bidding from the first lot of wind power project for meeting RPO. The state will also promote setting up wind projects for captive use and third-party sale for consumers within and outside the state. The maximum permissible capacity of the individual project will be limited to the average annual demand. These power producers will also be eligible for renewable energy (non-solar) certificates (REC).

The state commission will not entertain new applications for the registration of wind power projects under the REC program for the sale of power to DISCOMs at average power purchase price (APPC) rate. The energy consumed by the wind power producers for captive use will be exempt from the payment of the electricity duty from the date of commencement of this policy within the state.

The allotment of land to the developer will be as per the provisions of Rajasthan’s land revenue rules. For the development of wind power projects, the maximum allottable land to the developers will be 3 hectares per MW. The RREC would recommend the case of land allotment to respective district collector only on the submission of cash security deposit of ₹300,000 ($4,198).

The policy is open for comments from stakeholders until September 20, 2019.

The revised 2019-2020 budget for Rajasthan has introduced various grants for the renewable energy sector. The budget targets setting up of 1,426 MW of wind and 4,885 MW of solar energy projects in the next five years.  The revised budget for Rajasthan also focuses on strengthening the power evacuation and transmission infrastructure.


Shaurya is a staff reporter at MercomIndia.com with experience working in the Indian solar energy industry for the past four years in various roles. Prior to joining Mercom, Shaurya worked with a renewable energy developer and a consulting company. Shaurya holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.