Ohmium to Deploy 400 MW Green Hydrogen Electrolyzers for NTPC

The partnership is set to span two years until May 2025


Ohmium International, a green hydrogen solutions provider, announced that its subsidiary in India has been chosen as the preferred partner by NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (REL) to deploy Ohmium’s proprietary proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers in projects totaling 400 MW.

By leveraging the company’s advanced technology, NTPC aims to facilitate the deployment of 5 GW of renewable energy specifically for green hydrogen and ammonia production.

The deal, perceived as India’s largest PEM electrolyzers partnership, will span over two years and last until May 2025.

The projects encompass a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications, including but not limited to ammonia production, transportation, and power generation.

Ohmium manufactures modular interlocking PEM electrolyzers that produce pressurized high-purity hydrogen.

According to Ohmium, individual, compact electrolyzers could be easily stacked to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs, and the standardized design enables rapid scaling from MW to GW.

This endeavor aligns with NTPC’s ambitious objective of achieving a total of 60 GW in renewable energy capacity by 2032.

Ohmium’s patented PEM technology features dynamic ramping capabilities, making it suitable to pair with renewable electricity.

Arne Ballantine, the CEO of Ohmium, expressed great enthusiasm about the partnership with NTPC REL. He commended the Chairman, Board, and CEO of NTPC for their visionary leadership, commitment, and substantial investment in green hydrogen.

Ballantine acknowledged NTPC’s track record of being at the forefront of adopting innovative clean technologies. He believes that NTPC’s forward-thinking approach will be crucial in harnessing India’s potential to become a prominent force in the green hydrogen domain.

Recently Ohmium International announced the close of a $250 million Series C growth equity financing. The funding will be used to expand Ohmium’s annual electrolyzer manufacturing capacity to 2 GW.

Last October, Ohmium collaborated with independent renewable power producer Amp Energy India to deploy 400 MW of green hydrogen projects. The deployments, aimed at mid-sized commercial and industrial projects of 25 MW or below, are planned to be installed over the next three years.