NTPC Invites Bids From Electrolyzer Technology Providers for Green Hydrogen Projects

The notice is open for international competitive bidding


NTPC Renewable Energy (NTPC REL) has issued a notice for upcoming invitations for bids to select electrolyzer technology providers to participate in green hydrogen tenders for two years.

The selected providers will be required to support NTPC in bids for various tenders with either polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) technology-based projects of 400 MW or other/non-PEM technology-based projects of 600 MW. They will be required to enter separate contracts to execute the work.

The scope of work includes design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, packing and forwarding, custom duties, insurance, transportation, storage, installation, testing, commissioning, trial operation, and performance test of electrolyzers-based hydrogen generation plants.

To be eligible,  bidders must be manufacturers of bipolar type water electrolyzer plants with an owned or leased manufacturing capacity in any part of the world to produce PEM technology or other bipolar type water electrolyzer plants. The facility must have at least a total annual production capacity of 50 MW electrolyzer plants at the time of bid submission.

Alternatively, they must be channel partners of the qualified bipolar type of water electrolyzer manufacturer for hydrogen generation systems. They should have an ongoing collaboration agreement with validity for up to the end of the defect liability period of the contract.

The bidders must have an average annual turnover of not less than $64 million during the preceding three financial years as of bid submission. The bidders can also submit a letter from their bank confirming the availability of a line of credit for $21 million.

In August last year, NTPC Renewable Energy invited bids from eligible bidders to install a hydrogen fueling station for a pilot project on green hydrogen mobility in Leh, Ladakh.

Earlier this month, Oil India Limited commissioned India’s only pure green hydrogen pilot plant with an installed capacity of 10 kilograms per day at its Jorhat Pump Station in Assam.

The Ministry of Power earlier this year had announced a ‘Green Hydrogen Policy’ to help India meet the production target of 5 million tons of green hydrogen by 2030 and the related development of renewable energy capacity.