NTPC Invites Bids for the Solarization of 47 ISA Member Countries

The last date to submit the bids is January 04, 2021


NTPC Limited has invited expressions of interest (EoI) for the solarization of 47 least developed countries (LDC) and small island developing states (SIDS) member countries of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

ISA intends to provide financial assistance to 47 LDCs and SIDS member countries for the implementation of the ISA Cares initiative, ISA solar water pumping program, and ISA solar cold storage initiative. The ISA has engaged NTPC as the implementation partner for these projects.

International Solar Alliance Member Countries Selected for Solarization Projects

The ISA is an Indian initiative launched by Narendra Modi and the French president on November 30, 2015, in Paris, on the sidelines of COP-21, the UN Climate Conference. It was established to undertake joint efforts required to reduce the cost of finance for solar projects, the cost of solar technology, and mobilize more than $1,000 billion (~₹73.5 trillion) of solar investments by 2030.

The tender is open for Indian applicants and applicants from the member countries of ISA. The countries have been grouped in various regions based on geographical proximity for ease of execution. The bidder is expected to provide services in all countries of a particular region. The bidder can offer services in more than one region based on its willingness and capability.

The last date to submit the bids is January 04, 2021. The tender intends to determine the further course of action in the procurement of goods and services for the solarization projects.

To participate in the bidding process, the bidder should have experience in supply, erection, and commissioning of similar projects in India and abroad. Such projects should have been in successful operation for more than three years. The bidder should either be a manufacturer of similar project equipment or systems or system integrators for similar projects after procuring the equipment from reputed suppliers of such equipment.

The bidder should have the necessary organizational capacity in at least one of the countries in the chosen region on its own or through a sub-contractor. The bidder should have the requisite financial capability to undertake projects in the member countries.

As per the tender document, the cold storage should be 15 feet*7 feet*7 feet in dimension, and the storage capacity should be five metric ton (5 MT). The storage temperature should range between 4-10 degree celsius.

Similarly, the solar water pumps’ capacity should be 1-5 HP, and the water output should be 45,600 liters per day (LPD) from a head of 30 meters to 50,400 liters per day  from a head of 100 meters.

' 'Solarization Projects' to be Implemented by NTPC in Various Member Countries of International Solar Alliance

The solar-powered reverse osmosis (RO) water system’s output capacity should be 5,000 liters per day, and the water storage capacity should be 1,000 liters.

For the off-grid solar PV system, an off-grid solution of 5-6 kW of the solar-based solution with a battery energy storage system (BESS) is envisaged.

The capacity of system under the combination of projects will be finalized based on the fund availability with the member countries.

The successful bidder will also provide a warranty for one year for goods and services.

In July this year, the Republic of Mali awarded a project management consultancy contract to NTPC to develop a 500 MW solar park in the country. With this, Mali became the second African country that is consulting with NTPC to develop solar projects. In February 2020, NTPC was awarded the letter of engagement as the project management consultant to develop 300 MW of solar power projects in Togo, another ISA member country.

Previously, the Energy Efficiency Services Limited had issued a tender for solar home lighting systems for member countries of the ISA.