NHPC Invites Bids for 1.5 GW Renewable Power Supply from ISTS-Connected Projects

The last date for the submission of bids is November 17, 2023


NHPC Limited has invited bids for selecting project developers to supply 1.5 GW of ‘firm and dispatchable’ renewable power (peak power supply) from inter-state transmission system (ISTS)-connected projects coupled with energy storage systems anywhere in India.

The last date for the submission of bids is November 17, 2023. Bids will open on November 20.

The bidders have the flexibility to choose any location within India for their projects. They can identify and acquire or lease the land of their choice for the project without specific restrictions on geographical location within the country.

The project’s minimum size must start at 50 MW and increase in increments of 10 MW. The total capacity offered should not surpass 750 MW.

For projects in the North-Eastern States and those under a Special Category, the lowest amount of contracted capacity a bidder can propose, including their parent, affiliate, ultimate parent, or any group company, is set at 30 MW.

The processing fees for the project are determined based on the cumulative capacity quoted by the bidder, with an additional 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) applied.

For projects with a capacity of 50 MW, the processing fee stands at ₹300,000 (~$3,604). If the project capacity exceeds 50 MW but is up to 100 MW, the processing fee is ₹500,000 (~$6,006). Projects ranging from above 100 MW up to 250 MW have a processing fee of ₹1 million (~$12,013).

For projects with a capacity above 250 MW and up to 500 MW, the processing fee amounts to ₹2 million (~$24,026). Finally, for projects exceeding 500 MW, the processing fee is set at ₹3 million (~$36,038).

Bidders have to submit an earnest money deposit (EMD) of ₹1.25 million (~$15,015)/MW of the quoted capacity, subject to a minimum of ₹60 million (~$720,807) and a maximum of ₹200 million (~$2.4 million) per project.

NHPC retains the authority to cancel or withdraw this invitation for bids at its discretion, without providing any specific justification, and shall not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from such a decision.

Bidders are expected to utilize well-established and operational technologies that are commercially viable, and making use of such established technologies is aimed at minimizing technology-related risks and ensuring the successful commissioning of the projects.

The bidder is required to have a net worth that is at least equal to or greater than the calculated value, which is ₹13 million (~$156,165)/MW of the project capacity.

Renewable project developers who have already commissioned projects or are in the process of constructing these projects and have untied capacity are allowed to participate in the bid. Those who already have a set-up capacity or spare untied capacity that is not under any power supply agreement and is available for augmenting the proposed renewable power in the tender can also participate.

The projects under this tender will not be eligible for any Central Financial Assistance.

Earlier this year, NHPC invited bids to select developers to set up 3 GW of interstate transmission system-connected solar power projects nationwide.

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