MNRE De-Empanels 26 Rooftop Installers for One Year

September 14, 2017


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has de-empaneled 26 firms and agencies active in the rooftop solar sector in India.

The MNRE re-instated 45 rooftop installers that were previously de-empaneled after they received appropriate responses in the SPIN portal.

In June, the MNRE planned to de-empanel 71 channel partners from its rooftop and small solar power projects program as they failed to update the details of grid-connected solar rooftop projects executed by them on the SPIN portal.

After receiving requests from rooftop installers, the MNRE provided a two-day window in August, for de-empaneled rooftop solar installers to upload data pertaining to project progress and regain their status as an empaneled company.

The MNRE took over half a month to evaluate the merits and decide which companies were to be re-empaneled. Initially an MNRE official had told Mercom, “We want to maintain transparency about how the sector is developing so that we can chart a proper and viable course of growth. If companies do not provide the data it will be hard to keep track, it is good that now the involved entities know the outcome of not adhering to guidelines.”

The same MNRE official commented, “The ministry did not find some candidates suitable enough to be re-empaneled. The data was not commendable and few chose not to respond in the two-day window. The de-empaneled agencies cannot complain as we provided them with time to put reports in order and furnish them. The decision was taken on the basis of performance reflected through project completion reports on the SPIN portal.”

“We want to have channel partners who share the same vision and are willing to work within the rules to make profit. These 45 agencies were prompt in their replies with the requisite data and progress reports,” added the MNRE official. I have said before, “We need responsible agencies to chart an upward trajectory for rooftop and this puts some emphasis on those words.”

Several installers have complained to Mercom that many inexperienced new installers are being empaneled especially in Gujarat leading to poor quality installations and dissatisfied customers. These installers are coming in to collect subsidies and use questionable procurement tactics to make a quick buck.

Here is a list of re-empaneled agencies.

Image credit: SPIN, MNRE