Karnataka Proposes Net Metering for Rooftop Solar Systems Up to 500 kW

The Commission has called for a public hearing on August 4, 2021, inviting suggestions from stakeholders

July 27, 2021


The Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has proposed net metering for rooftop solar installations up to 500 kW from the earlier suggested cap of 10 kW.

Earlier in February this year, the Commission had proposed allowing net metering for rooftop solar projects between 1 kW and 10 kW and gross metering for capacity over 10 kW.

In its proposal, the Commission had suggested generic tariffs of ₹3.82 (~$0.0526)/kWh for residential rooftop solar systems between 1 kW and 10 kW, and ₹2.84 (~$0.0391)/kWh for projects between 1 kW and 2 MW (large-scale). Among other suggestions made in the discussion paper, the proposed tariffs were applicable for the control period between financial year (FY) 2022 and FY 2024.

However, in the public notice, the Commission has informed that in a partial modification of capacity, it would allow net metering for installing solar rooftop photovoltaic projects up to 500 kW or up to the approved load whichever is lower.

The Commission has scheduled a public hearing on ‘Determination of tariffs in respect of solar power projects (including solar rooftop photovoltaic projects) for FY 2022 and FY 2024’, on August 4, 2021. Interested persons are requested to attend the public hearing and submit their views and opinions before the Commission.

Last month, the Ministry of Power (MoP) issued the much-awaited amendment to the Electricity (Rights of Consumers) 2020 Rules concerning net metering for rooftop solar installations. The amendment permits net metering to the prosumer for loads up to 500 kW or up to the approved load, whichever is lower.

Under the latest Electricity (Rights of Consumers) Amendment Rules, 2021, the arrangements for net metering, gross metering, net billing, or net feed-in would follow the regulations made by the State Commission from time to time.

Meanwhile, the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission had proposed amendments to the ‘Net Metering Rooftop Solar Grid-Interactive Systems Regulations, 2016’ earlier this month. As per the proposed amendments, net metering will be permitted for loads up to 10 kW, while gross metering will be provided for loads above 10 kW. The installed capacity must be in the range of 1 kW to 1 MW.

The Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) has issued the draft Grid-Interactive Rooftop Solar Regulations, 2021, and proposed to provide a net metering facility to the consumers with an approved load of up to 500 kW.


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