Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology Enters India Solar Market


Jolywood (Taizhou) Solar Technology, a Chinese module manufacturer, entered the Indian solar market by signing a supply agreement with ACME Clean-tech Solutions, a renewable energy developer in India.

Jolywood will supply 6.775 MW of its 72-cell N-type bifacial mono transparent modules with an efficiency of 370 W. This marks the entry of Jolywood in India and the first large-scale use of N-type bifacial solar modules in India.

“The N- type bifacial product can bring over 20 percent additional generation gain, which can highly increase the IRR of a solar project. It’s not only a solution to lower the LCOE, but also a brand-new solution that can deal with electricity shortages in India.,” said Mr. Ankur, CSO, ACME.

“The cooperation with ACME is only our first step in the India Market,” said Mr. Liu Yong, General Manager, Jolywood Solar Technology.

“Double-side generation, zero LID, and lower working temperature – with these features, Jolywood N-pert products are very competitive for a high temperature environment such as India. We truly believe that our products can bring 10 percent or even more additional power for every solar project, to lower the LCOE and also increase the IRR, added Mr.Yong.

Jolywood is looking forward to further cooperation with ACME, working together to expand more applications of N-pert products, not only to bring lower LCOE and higher IRR for the investors, but also to provide affordable energy for India Market.

International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasted annual growth of electricity demand in the India market to increase by 5 percent, requiring the electricity supply to be triple the size by 2040.

Image credit: Flickr


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