JA Solar Expands Production Capacity in China with $870 Million Investment

The company intends to establish a new project company to manage the expansion


China-based solar module manufacturer JA Solar has unveiled its plans to establish a manufacturing unit in the Ordos High-Tech Zone, aiming to produce 30 GW ingots, 10 GW silicon wafers, and 10 GW modules annually.

The new unit, with a total price of approximately ¥6.02 billion (~$870.1 million), received thorough assessment and endorsement during a meeting held by the company’s sixth board of directors.

JA Solar intends to establish a new project company as the primary entity responsible for overseeing the investment, operation, and management aspects of this integrated capacity expansion initiative.

JA Solar is a global manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic products and has 12 manufacturing bases and over 20 branches worldwide.

The company’s business encompasses products such as silicon wafers, cells, modules, and photovoltaic power stations, distributed in 135 countries and regions.

The company announced the maximum power of their n-type module reaching 625W and efficiency of up to 22.4%. The company’s solar modules are used across multiple utility-scale projects in India.

Prior to this, in January, JA Solar signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Ordos Municipal government in China’s inner Mongolia region to build a low-carbon industrial park for the photovoltaic industry cluster.

The company plans to invest ¥40 billion (~$5.9 billion) for the cluster. The photovoltaic industry cluster, once complete, will have facilities to produce 10,000 tons of silicon, 20 GW each of ingots and wafers, 30 GW of photovoltaic cells, and 10 GW of solar modules.

JA Solar also recently signed a deal with Samsung C&T, a South Korea-based construction and engineering company, to supply photovoltaic modules for the largest solar project in Qatar. It is likely to be operational in 2024. Under the agreement, JA Solar will supply over 1.6 million DeepBlue 3.0 modules to the project.

The company was one of the top five module suppliers to the Indian solar market in the first half of the calendar year 2022, according to Mercom’s recently released India Solar Market Leaderboard 2023 report.