IPGCL’s Empanelment Tender for Rooftop Solar in Delhi Sees Lowest Bid of ₹33,931/kW

The opening of the financial bids for the technically qualified bidders was held on April 09, 2020


The Indraprastha Power Generation Company Limited (IPGCL) has revealed the lowest (L1) bidder and the quoted project cost under the capital expenditure (CAPEX) model of Part C and D.

The bids were in response to the tender for the empanelment of firms for the supply, installation, and commissioning of rooftop solar systems. These grid-connected rooftop solar systems, ranging between 1 kW-10 kW and 10 kW-500, were to be set up at various locations in Delhi. Of the 30 MW capacity, 10 MW was slated for each of Delhi’s three distribution companies.

For part C, Synergy Wave System LLP emerged as the L1 bidder with the quoted project cost of ₹37,790 (~$498)/kW. All the qualified bidders other than L1 falling under the (L1+25% of L1) category are expected to give their consent to match the L1 price within three working days. The financial bids for the technically qualified bidders were opened on April 09, 2020.

For CAPEX Part D, the price bid for all technically qualified bidders was opened on April 07, 2020, where Synergy Wave Systems LLP was declared as the L1 bidder with the project cost of ₹33,931 (~$446.8)/kW. As per the RfS clause, the L 1 bidder will be offered the maximum bid capacity of that category (1,500 kW under CAPEX Part D). But as Synergy has already quoted 500 kW in BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), IPGCL has asked it to submit its acceptance for an additional 1,000 kW capacity among three Delhi DISCOMs of its choice. Accordingly, Synergy can opt for BRPL DISCOM, up to a maximum capacity of 500 kW. For BSES Yamuna Private Limited (BYPL), 100 kW is the minimum, and 1,000 kW is the maximum capacity, whereas, for Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL), the minimum capacity is 100 kW while the maximum is 1000 kW. As per the notification, the total capacity should not exceed 1,000 kW.

The central financial Assistance (CFA) in RESCO A and C will be limited to the MNRE benchmark cost prevailing at the time of the empanelment or the price discovered in CAPEX Part-C, whichever is lower. Similarly, the CFA in RESCO B and D will be limited to the MNRE benchmark cost prevailing at the time of empanelment or price discovered in CAPEX Part-D, whichever is lower.

The project cost discovered in the auction for CAPEX Part C and Part D applicable for CFA in the respective RESCO categories is given in the table.

IPGCL_Project Cost Applicable for CFA for Rooftop Solar Systems Under RESCO Model

According to the tender, the contract will be valid for five years under the CAPEX model and 25 years for the renewable energy service company (RESCO) model. For projects under the CAPEX A model, the minimum capacity for the project is 4 kW, for CAPEX B it is 10 kW, for CAPEX C it has been set at 20 kW, for CAPEX D it is 100 kW, for CAPEX E it is 4 kW, and for CAPEX F it is 10 kW.

Earlier, IPGCL had invited bids for the development of rooftop solar projects in Delhi, totaling 21.5 MW. Out of the total capacity, 1.5 MW was to be developed under the CAPEX model, and 20 MW was to be developed under the renewable energy service company (RESCO) model.

In August 2019, IPGCL had auctioned 21.5 MW of rooftop solar projects to be developed under RESCO and CAPEX models in Delhi.