Himachal Pradesh to Provide 10% Subsidy for Rooftop Solar Installations

The subsidy will be in addition to the CFA provided by the central government

July 9, 2018


Installing rooftop solar systems just got cheaper in Himachal Pradesh. “The state government of Himachal Pradesh has decided to provide a state subsidy of 10 percent of cost or ₹4,000/kW to people installing rooftop solar,” a Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (HIMURJA) official told Mercom.

“Domestic consumers, institutions and social sector will benefit from this subsidy. This subsidy is above and beyond the Central Financial Assistance (CFA) being provided by Government of India for installation of rooftop solar, making it a win-win situation for the people going for solar,” the official added.

HIMURJA will directly transfer the subsidy amount to the suitable consumer. This step by the state government will ensure that more and more people in the hilly state come forward to adopt rooftop solar to meet their energy requirements

Last year, the Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (HREDA) tendered 1.1 MW of rooftop solar projects. The entire capacity consisted of 50 rooftop solar systems to be installed on roofs of different buildings and premises owned by Haryana Road Transport Corporation (HRTC).

Image credit: By Fredi Bach from Switzerland (Bir, India – XC Paragliding, CC BY 2.0) via Wikipedia

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