Power Sale Agreement Between SECI and Haryana DISCOM for 590 MW of Wind Power Approved

Wind power purchased for HPPC’s non-solar RPO

January 22, 2019


The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) has issued an order approving the signing of a power sale agreement (PSA) between the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and Haryana Power Purchase Centre (HPPC) for 590 MW of wind power. The wind projects are expected to be commissioned in 2020. HPPC is a joint forum created and owned by Haryana DISCOMs, to undertake various activities including signing of agreements on behalf of Haryana DISCOMs as per Haryana government’s power department.

The HPPC had petitioned the HERC seeking approval for procurement of 590 MW of wind power from SECI to fulfil the non-solar renewable purchase obligation (RPO) targets on a long-term basis (25 years). The tariff of the PSA would be ₹2.84 (~$0.04)/kWh; consisting of a tariff of ₹2.77 (~$0.03)/kWh quoted in SECI’s Tranche-V 1200 MW ISTS-connected wind auction apart from SECI’s trading margin of ₹0.07/kWh.

While examining the petition and submissions made by HPPC in this matter, the HERC noted that SECI is a Government of India enterprise and the PSA is a standard document signed by many states as beneficiaries. Stating this, the commission approved the signing of PSA at ₹2.84/kWh for 25 years. The state commission also asked HPPC to submit a signed copy of PSA within seven days of signing it.

Recently, the HERC also issued an order approving the power purchase agreements for a total of 49.8 MW of paddy straw biomass-based power projects signed between the developers and HPPC.

In November 2018, the commission issued an order approving the deviations to the terms of competitive bidding, the conditions of request for proposal (RfP) and the draft PPA for 300 MW of solar projects by HPPC.

In July 2018,  it issued an order amending the terms and conditions for tariff determinations from renewable energy sources, renewable purchase obligations, and renewable energy certificates.