Goa Issues Empanelment Tender for 80 MW of Residential Rooftop Solar Systems

The last date for submission of bids is February 2, 2021


The Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) has issued an expression of interest (EoI) for empanelment of agencies to design, supply, install, test, and commission grid-connected rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with an aggregate capacity of 80 MW.

The rooftop solar PV systems would be installed on residential buildings and group housing societies/residential welfare associations. The last date for submission of bids is February 2, 2021.

Prospective bidders are expected to pay ₹2,000 (~$27.37) as the tender document’s cost and ₹1,500 (~$20.53) as a tender processing fee. The bidding will be carried out in six slabs.

Goa Issues Empanelment Tender for 80 MW of Residential Rooftop Solar Systems

The work would be carried out on a ‘turn-key basis.’ The scope includes identification of beneficiary; a survey of the site for its feasibility considering the shadow-free space; the sanctioned load of the beneficiary; design, supply of grid-connected solar PV system with all other accessories, equipment and protection devices; installation; testing, commissioning, and warranty and maintenance services for five years with free replacement warranty on spare parts against manufacturing defects for five years.

Successful bidders are expected to commission the allocated capacity within  12 months from the issuance of the letter of allocation.

The qualifying criteria for the bidders are as follows:

  • Category- A bidders are those who have successfully installed and commissioned a minimum aggregate of 250 kW capacity of rooftop solar, grid-connected PV systems in any sector, including residential, social, industrial, commercial, and government. The allocated capacity reserved is 60 MW. The bidder should have a cumulative experience of executing 20% of the bidding capacity of grid-connected rooftop solar PV plants in the last three years. Bidders are expected to make an earnest money deposit of ₹300,000 (~$4,106.16). The minimum bid capacity is 500 kWp.
  • Category-B bidders are new entrepreneurs and or those who are not covered under Category-A. The allocated capacity reserved is 20 MW. They are expected to make an earnest money deposit of ₹100,000 (~$1,368.63). The minimum bid capacity is 50 kWp. There is no technical eligibility for Category B bidders. However, they are only eligible to bid for 1-10kWp capacity.

To be eligible for bidding, the prospective bidder must be a registered company and have a manufacturing facility in India for PV modules/ solar pump controllers/grid-tie inverter, or a PV System Integrator in off-grid/ grid-connected PV systems.

Bidders from a country that shares a land border with India are eligible to bid for the tender only if they are registered with the competent authority as per the Ministry of Finance order dated July 23, 2020, on ‘General Finance Rules, 2017.’

The financial eligibility criteria for the two categories are as follows: –

  • Category A: Bidders must have a minimum average annual turnover of ₹10 million (~$136,824.26)/MWp. They should have a minimum average annual turnover of ₹10 million (~$136,824.26)/MWp of allotted capacity. They must also produce proof of a minimum net worth of ₹5 million (~$68412.13)/MWp.
  • Category B: Bidders need to show a positive net worth as of March 31, 2020. Vendors registered with ‘Department for Industrial Policy & Promotions’ under the renewable energy sector are eligible to participate in the tender only in line with the department order which says Central ministries/ departments may relax the condition of turnover and experience in public procurement, subject to meeting quality and technical specifications.

Successful bidders who have matched their prices with the discovered rates have to pay ₹15,000 (~$205.18) as an empanelment fee.

Bidders will also make a security deposit of 5% of the notional contract value based on allocated capacity and benchmark cost or discovered price, whichever is less. The successful bidders will deposit the money within 15 days from the date of issue of the letter of allocation along with the acceptance of the offer.

GEDA had earlier issued an EoI to empanel installers to design and install 5 MW of grid-connected solar rooftop power projects under CAPEX (capital expenditure) model in the residential segment. This included residential buildings, group housing societies, and residential welfare associations.

Even though it is the smallest state in India, more than 114 consumers have installed rooftop solar systems across Goa. Many of these connections are under the net metering arrangement.

Rahul is a staff reporter at Mercom India. Before entering the world of renewables, Rahul was head of the Gujarat bureau for The Quint. He has also worked for DNA Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad Mirror. Hailing from a banking and finance background, Rahul has also worked for JP Morgan Chase and State Bank of India. More articles from Rahul Nair.