Engineers India Invites EOI to Procure 6 MU of Renewable Energy

The last day to submit the bids is June 20, 2024


Engineers India (EIL) has invited expressions of interest from renewable energy developers to procure 6 million units of renewable power per annum in Gurugram and New Delhi on a long-term basis.

The total requirement will be reviewed annually, and EIL may increase or decrease the requirement by 10%.

The last day to submit the bids is June 20, 2024. Bids will be opened the next day.

The EOI aims to establish uniform specifications and parameters for power procurement and to shortlist potential suppliers. Technical discussions or presentations may be held with renewable energy generators deemed technically capable of supplying the power. This process is to gauge market potential and secure power from interested renewable energy suppliers. EIL may also sign bilateral agreements through a separate bidding process with terms finalized later.

Bidders should submit details of commercially operational renewable energy projects or projects expected to be commissioned on or before June 2025.

They must declare their guaranteed annual power supply. Power calculations will be made yearly from April 1 to March 31. For the first operational year, annual power will be pro-rated from the start of supply to March 31. In subsequent years, calculations will cover April 1 to March 31.

Bidders could sell the excess power elsewhere if the power supplied exceeds 110% of the guaranteed annual amount. If the supply is less than 90% of the guaranteed amount, the bidder must compensate EIL for the shortfall. This compensation is four times the cost shortfall in energy terms at the applicable tariff for the year.

Compensation will be adjusted for grid non-availability. The compensation will be four times the cost shortfall in energy terms, calculated at the applicable tariff payable during the year. The billed energy charges will be considered applicable for the first month of the subsequent financial year.

Bidders must provide a renewable energy generation profile in 15-minute time blocks per day for the entire year. EIL will not pay for the excess if more power is supplied than defined in the profile. If EIL cannot consume the defined power, then EIL will pay for it. EIL will provide hourly or 15-minute load data if needed. Bidders must match the load profile and meet the guaranteed annual power.

Bidders must specify whether the power will come from a single source or a portfolio of sources and whether it is from solar, non-solar renewable, or a combination of non-renewable sources. They must make the project available to EIL per the contracted power scheduling capacity.

Bidders can combine storage to achieve the required minimum annual availability. However, a minimum of 51% of energy must be offered annually from renewable energy sources. This must also include the offer from the storage system, provided renewable sources were used to store energy in the storage system.

Bidders must ensure the project operates to provide at least 90% availability of the contracted capacity each year and maintain at least 90% availability monthly for 11 months each year. They must also maintain 90% availability during peak hours as defined by the Regional Load Despatch Centre according to Central Electricity Regulatory Commission regulations.

Bidders must declare availability 48 hours in advance daily or as per current regulations.

In February last year, Engineers India invited bids from suppliers of concentrated solar technology systems to provide balance of project services.

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