Dow Launches Silicone-Based Products for PV Module Assembly

The new product line will help improve module performance


U.S.-based chemical conglomerate Dow has launched a photovoltaic (PV) product line with six silicone-based sealants and adhesives solutions for PV module assembly.

The new product line, DOWSIL, would be used to deliver durability and performance for frame sealing, rail and junction box bonding, potting, and building integrated photovoltaic installation materials.

Dow said that the new product line will have enhanced module performance amid the rising demand for integrated building and infrastructure solar solutions, as well as large-scale solar power plants.

The solutions offered under the new product line are aligned with Dow’s commitment to its 2025 sustainability goal of delivering breakthrough climate innovations.

Global strategic market director for building and infrastructure solutions at Dow Jean-Paul Hautekeer said, “Our DOWSILPV Product Line will allow us to deliver innovative, next-generation, silicone materials that support our customers’ needs while helping to advance a more sustainable world.”

“In addition to being both locally sourced and high performing, these products are meeting customers’ needs for sustainability and innovation. Silicones are critical materials in the PV assembly and we are continuously working on more innovations within this product category, such as backsheet cracking repair solutions and solar cell encapsulation through silicone technology,” he said.

Backsheets are one of the most critical parts which is responsible for the reliability and performance of a solar module. They provide the first line of defense for solar cells and encapsulating materials, protecting them from environmental stress, including moisture and UV rays while providing electrical insulation from high voltage. Poor quality backsheets crack in the field, leading to power generation loss, and safety hazards such as a current leak, arcing and burning.

Dow offers solutions for power electronics applications, inverter encapsulants, and the polyolefin elastomer ENGAGE PV Encapsulant product line.

Last year, PV module and component manufacturer RenewSys India commissioned a new encapsulant line, taking its total encapsulant manufacturing output to 3 GW.

An encapsulant is used to provide adhesion between the solar cells, the top surface, and the rear surface of the PV module.