Delhi’s IPGCL Finalizes CAPEX Bids for its 35 MW Rooftop Solar Tender

Out of five parts under CAPEX, bids were opened for three


After the RESCO bids that were collected last week, the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) bids for the tender issued by Delhi’s Indraprastha Power Generation Co. Ltd. (IPGCL) have now been finalized.

IPGCL’s tender was issued for 35 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar projects in December 2018.

According to Mercom’s source at IPGCL, “Out of the five parts specified under CAPEX, bids were opened for three. For the remaining two parts, the technical bids have been received and within a few days these will be finalized too.”

According to the IPGCL official, “For rooftop solar projects with capacity above 100 kW (without elevation), Shimato Enterprises quoted ₹47,000 (~$658.66)/kW. For capacity between 10 kW and up to 100 kW (with elevation of 3 meters), Claro Energy quoted ₹54,000 (~$756.76)/kW. Both of these bids have been finalized as the lowest.”

The official further said, “For rooftop solar PV projects of capacity between 1 kW and 10 kW (with elevation of 3 meters), Zunroof quoted ₹44,100 (~$618.02)/kW. But we haven’t finalized this bid yet as the price quoted is too low. We will communicate the same to them and see what their response is. If they want to go ahead with the same rate, we will allow them to do so.”

Delhi’s IPGCL Finalizes CAPEX Bids for its 35 MW Rooftop Solar Tender

So, how is this tender for CAPEX different from other tenders? According to the IGPCL official, whatever the consumer pays for these projects, 5 percent of that amount will be for the performance bank guarantee. This will be effectively 3.5 percent of the project cost. Earlier, this guarantee was effectively 3 percent of the project cost. Now, for these projects the effective guarantee will be 6.5 percent.”

Talking about the remaining two parts (Project size 1-10 kW and 10-100 kW) for which financial bids haven’t yet been opened, the IPGCL official said that they are expecting prices to be quoted in the range of ₹50,000 (~$700.70)/kW to ₹52,000 (~$728.73)/kW.

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