CESL Invites Bids for 3,132 Electric Buses Under PM-eBus Sewa Initiative

The last date to submit bids is April 25, 2024


Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) has invited bids to select an operator for the procurement, supply, operation, and maintenance of 3,132 electric buses (e-bus) and the development of allied electric and civil infrastructure on gross cost contracting under Pradhan Mantri (PM)-eBus Sewa initiative.

The last date to submit bids is April 25, 2024. Bids will be opened on the same day.

Bidders must submit a non-refundable tender fee of ₹25,000 (~$301).

The tender is divided into Package-1 for 9-meter and 12-meter-long buses and Package-2 for 7-meter-long buses.

The state-wise number of buses, the respective earnest money deposit (EMD), minimum average annual turnover (MAAT), and minimum net worth requirements for Package-1 of the tender are as follows:

State-wise requirements e-bus

Package-2 requirements are listed below:

State-wise requirements e-Bus Tender

The maximum number of buses allocated under Package-1 is 1700. There are no such restrictions for Package 2.

Winning bidders must provide a performance guarantee within 28 days of getting the acceptance letter. This guarantee should be 3-10% of the contract value.


Bidders must meet the yearly turnover requirement, which is the average turnover of the past three years. Their net worth must not be negative and should not have dropped by more than 30% over the last three years.

Bidders must visit and evaluate the site and its surroundings where the facilities are planned for installation. They should gather all necessary information independently to prepare their bid and fulfill the subsequent contract for supplying and installing the facilities.

CESL will support the bidders in obtaining the necessary permissions to carry out the work.

Small and micro enterprises under Udyam Registration do not have to pay any tender fee.

Bidders must present quotes for the facilities under a “single responsibility” framework. The total bid price should cover all contractor obligations outlined, and bidders must detail the pricing for commercial, contractual, and technical aspects specified in the tender.

Manufacturers should have a consistent track record of manufacturing and supplying electric buses from April 1 of the previous financial year. They must have delivered at least 25 electric buses in at least one of the past five financial years or the current one.

Additionally, they must demonstrate an annual manufacturing capacity of at least 500 electric buses before the bid deadline.

Last year, CESL invited bids for procuring 3,600 electric buses under the same program.

Earlier this year, it invited bids for the empanelment of electric vehicle charge point operators for the setup and maintenance of EV charging stations and/or battery swapping stations on a build, own, operate, and maintain model.