Central Electronics Limited Invites Bids for Supply of Solar Ribbons

The last date for the submission of bids is August 19, 2020


Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has invited bids from eligible and approved bidders for the supply of solar ribbons.

Solar ribbons are copper conductors installed in solar PV panels. These ribbons play an important role in determining the solar cell’s efficiency as they carry the current generated in the solar cell to the PV bus bar.

The last date for the submission of bids is August 19, 2020, and interested bidders need to submit an amount of ₹89,000 (~$1,186) as the earnest money deposit (EMD).

To take part in the bidding process, the bidder should be an original manufacturer or its authorized representative. Technically qualified unapproved bidders should submit their sample with a minimum of 10 kgs in five spools (each spool weighing 2 kg) of solar PV ribbon as per CEL’s specifications. The bidder should provide proof of supply along with successful order completion for two module manufacturers during the last year. The bidder should have supplied at least 2,500 kg of solar ribbons in the past one year before the date of opening of the tender.

The width of the ribbon should be 1.1 mm+-0.05mm, and the base copper thickness should be 0.18+-0.01mm. The shelf life of the ribbon should be 12 months at 40 degrees Celsius from the date of shipment. The ribbons will also go through a testing process, as per the tender documents.

CEL has provided two payment options. The first option allowed for payment within 45 days from the consignment note. The second option states that CEL could provide a letter of credit that can be encashed within 45 days of the consignment date.

In April as well, CEL had invited online technical and financial bids from eligible bidders for the supply of one ton of solar ribbons.

Recently, CEL also floated a tender for the supply of 2 million multicrystalline passivated emitter and rear contact (PERC) solar cells.

Earlier, CEL had issued a notice inviting expressions of interest to empanel authorized solar dealers. Through the EoI, the company is looking to engage companies, firms, or individuals who have their well-established marketing network as authorized dealers for the sale of its solar PV modules, power packs, and other products.

Image credit: PV Ribbon