Central Electronics Invites Bids for 2,000 Mono PERC Cells

The last date to submit the bid is September 3, 2021


Public sector enterprise, Central Electronics Limited (CEL), which comes under the Ministry of Science and Technology, has invited bids for the supply of 2,000 monocrystalline passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) cells with an output of 5.67 W or above.

The last date to submit the bid is September 3, 2021, and bids will be opened on the same day.

The tender is applicable for approved vendors: Anhui Uzon Photovoltaic Company, Nanjing First Energy Company, Nice Sun PV Company, Zhejiang Sunflower Light Energy Science and Technology Company, China Forma Group, Yingfa Solar Company, and  Lishui Zhanxin Import and Export Company.

Unapproved vendors are expected to supply a sample lot of at least 200 cells. These will be checked against CEL’s testing protocols. CEL will have free access to the supplier’s works during testing and final inspection.

Any country which shares a land border with India is eligible to participate in this tender, provided that the bidder is registered with the competent authority.

According to the bidding document, the cells must be 158.75 x 158.75 mm ± 0.25 mm in dimension. They must be five busbars in length and 190 microns + 30 microns – 20 microns in thickness. The efficiency of the cells should be greater than or equal to 22.5%.

The cells must be free of cracks, holes, cuts, edge chipping, streaks, patches, spots, discontinuity of metal printing lines, or color mismatches. The packing of the cells should be in lots of hundreds or as per the standard size followed by the vendor.

The cells will be checked for all specifications, and if the defective cells are less than 3%, then such must be replaced free of cost. However, if the defective cells are more than 3%, then the whole lot would be rejected.

If there is a delay in delivering the cells within the stipulated period, a price reduction will be levied at 0.5% of the total order value per week, subject to a maximum of 5% of the total order value.

CEL can increase the ordered quantity by 50% by amending the purchase order(s) within a year.

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) quoting a price within the price band of L1+15% will be allowed to supply up to 20% of the requirement by bringing down their price to the L1 price.

In June this year, CEL invited bids to supply 200,000 monocrystalline solar cells of wattage capacity 5.1 W or higher.

Earlier, CEL had floated a tender for the supply of 2 million multicrystalline PERC solar cells. The tender was open to domestic as well as international suppliers.

According to Mercom’s India Solar Tender Tracker, CEL has floated tenders for about 8.68 million monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells so far.


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