UPDATE: DGAD’s Office Initiates Anti-Dumping Proceedings Against Solar Imports



The office of the Directorate General of Anti-dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) India, has notified the Chinese Embassy in India that they have received a petition for investigation regarding the anti-dumping petition filed against solar imports from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

The letter from the DGAD office states, “The DGAD, hereby notifies the Chinese Embassy in India about the petition regarding anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of solar cells whether assembled in modules or panels from China PR and others.”

Mercom previously reported that “The Indian Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA) filed an anti-dumping petition against solar imports from China, Taiwan, and Malaysia with the DGAD, Ministry of Trade and Commerce, requesting levy of interim duty.”

Mercom’s source at the DGAD’s office confirmed the acceptance of petition and initiation of anti-dumping proceedings. “We are working on a war footing to take this through. The investigation results will be out soon – as a first step the embassies have been informed, so exact data can be collected regarding import figures. In less than two months the investigation might conclude.”

Officials at the Chinese Embassy chose not to comment on the matter.

Another official related to the case also confirmed that the anti-dumping investigation steps have begun.

The DGAD will submit its investigation report to the Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

According to a major module manufacturer, “As a general procedure, an anti-dumping petition is filed and the Ministry of Commerce accepts the petition and initiates an investigation by sending a notice to the counter parties asking for submission of their response. Usually the ministry has a timeline of 6 months to submit their investigation results and recommendations to the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance has to later take the decision on whether to levy anti-dumping duties and if so the percentage of duties.”

Update – Article has been updated with the latest quotes and details